Shang Chaoyang, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Xinyang city, Henan Province, and his fellows visited ARN Group

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On April 25th, Shang Chaoyang, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Xinyang City, Henan Province, Li Zheng, member of the Standing Committee of Xinyang Municipal Party committee and vice mayor, and Li Zhengjun, vice mayor, and other leaders visited ARN group. Cao Lixin, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of ARN group, Cai Xiangdong, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the labor union, Jin Ming, senior manager and other leaders warmly welcomed the arrival of Secretary Shang and his fellows.

During the visit to ATG manufacturing site, Mr. Cao introduced the distribution of various product segments of ARN group and the future development direction of the group in details to the investigating group . General manager Cao said that with the accelerated arrival of comprehensive new energy and intelligent networking, ARN group will adhere to the core idea of "new industry, high quality and internationalization" to realize industrial transformation and upgrading. This year is the beginning of the 14th five-year plan, ARN group will take this as a starting point, increase investment, digitize all the existing production lines, enhance the enterprise's development potential through the introduction and training of talents, and promote the high-quality development of the enterprise.

During the investigation, Secretary Shang Chaoyang spoke highly of  the achievements and future development direction of ARN group, and wished ARN group greater and better achievements in the future.

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