Group profile



Anhui ARN Group Co., LTD. Limited (abbreviated as ARN), one professional parts and auto components manufacturer and developer for engine and other key systems, has 17 joint ventures and 12 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, specializing in auto parts manufacturing, export trade, car sales, auto parts sales and real estate development.


Business Scope


   Automobile Parts:  Engine,Transmission,Clutch and shock absorber parts & components,Power battery

   Car Sales:  Car & parts selling and 4S shop

   Equipment:  Equipment application and maintenance    

   Capital Operation:  Investment and management




  • 1953 : Company founded (mainly for agricultural machinery maintenance)

  • 1969 : Series production and sales of piston rings  

  • 1996 : ATG Joint Venture  with TPR from Japan and Federal Mogul from the USA

  • 1999 : ATP joint venture  with TPR , Japan and ATG  

  • 2002 : AAT  joint venture with  ART ,Japan  and TPR , Japan 

  • 2004 : ATGL joint venture  with TPR, Japan and Federal Mogul, USA

  • 2005 : ATGE joint venture with TPR, Japan

  • 2005 : CUPR  joint venture with YPR , Korea and TPR , Japan  

  • 2006 : DBX  joint venture with Dalian Yuantong

  • 2006 : ASP  joint venture with Sherdel  , Germany

  • 2008 : XAJ trading company Ltd  in Tokyo , Japan

  • 2009 : Anqing Huanfeng Auto Trading & Service Companywith Toyota Tsusho Corporation , Japan

  • 2012 :  Anqing ARN Auto parts Co., LTD

  • 2013 :  AHM joint venture with Meiko and Meinan , Japan.

  • 2014:SAPB joint venture with SUMSUNG SDI, South Korea

  • 2015 :  AXM and AXN Joint ventures with SAIF Partners

  • 2016 :  ARN German Holding Company and ARN Japanese holding company

Business strategies


  •  We continue to look for foreign auto parts JV partners who have both technological and scale advantages  using our management expertise, sales network   strength  and experience in cooperating with foreign companies;

  • We  are expecting progress in the projects of new material, new energy , energy-saving and environment-protection;

  • We endeavor to meet the needs of share-holders in co-operation in line with their own expansion strategies and satisfactory  earnings;

  • We commit to contribute to local economy and improve consistently the living standards of our employees;

  • We commit to ramp up after market business  with our  knowledge and experience leverage in  Chinese auto market and  high cost performance.