Looking forward bright prospect of new energy, Seeking for more extensive cooperation

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On the morning of August 23, An Jin, chairman of Jiangzhun Automobile Co., Ltd., and his entourage came to ARN Group SAIF New Energy Battery Pack R&D Center for inspection and guidance. Group Deputy General Manager Liu Tongqing, Kai Bolin, General Manager Assistant Cai Xiangdong and battery pack project leader Cheng Chuanfeng, etc. warmly received Chairman An and his party.

The host and guest held talks. Mr. Liu, on behalf of Chairman Pan Yixin and Vice Chairman Cao Lixin, welcomed President An's arrival and thanked ARN Group and JAC for their sincere and friendly cooperation for many years. Subsequently, Cheng Chuanfeng introduced the research and development progress and product characteristics of battery pack series products. Chairman An deeply appreciates the high technical content and leading international superior performance of ARN Saifu's new energy series products, and hopes that ARN Saifu will speed up the research and development progress and achieve breakthrough progress. The cooperation of New Saifu strives to put the products on the market as soon as possible, so as to start wider cooperation between the two parties in the field of new energy.

Chairman An and his party also inspected the research and development center of new energy battery pack products.


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