Leaders from the Seventh Foreign Experts Guide Action of Anhui Province paid a visit to ATG company

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The leaders and experts of the 7th Foreign Expert Jianghuai Visit of Anhui Province came to ARN Group ATG company

On the afternoon of December 7th, the leaders and experts of the 7th Foreign Expert Jianghuai Visit of Anhui Province, accompanied by Tang Dongfeng, deputy director of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Nie Yaya, deputy director of the Municipal Economic Development Zone Management Committee, came to the ARN group ATG and visit. ATG executive general manager Daniel, assistant general manager Zhou Xiaohua and other leaders warmly received the experts and leaders of Jianghuai Visit.

Experts and leaders of Jianghuai Visit visited the ATG manufacturing site and listened to the introduction of Assistant General Manager Zhou. The experts have great interest in the production and operation of ARN Group's series of products, manufacturing processes, patented technology, etc., and expressed that ARN Group's products are advanced in technology and have good prospects for future development. They are willing to promote to more international peers and hope to have the opportunity Obtain relevant cooperation.

The two American experts in Jianghuai Visit , Christopher Eusebi and Priyaranjan (Priya), are American doctors of law and doctors of biomechanics, respectively. They are highly qualified in the fields of intellectual property portfolio development and management, mergers and acquisitions, component product development, and research. The trip also arranged keynote speeches and exchange seminars by two experts. Relevant technical staff of ARN Group will attend the meeting to participate in the exchange.

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