Anhui XMAX New Energy Technology Co., LTD

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     Anhui XMAX New Energy Technology Co., LTD. Was found by ARN group, on Aug. 2015.

     XMAX dedicated in developing and manufacture new energy vehicle (NEV) battery pack cooling system. Has developed several kinds of cooling tubes for TESLA and has been used in several type vehicles. By responding call of national and the popularity of developing of NEV positively, XMAX tap up the domestic market and development agreements was reached with many NEV manufacturers and has provided products for mass production.

     XMAX has production line for 21700 and 18560 type battery each, Perfect technology and excellent management provides XMAX cooling tube better  Sealing, Flow Resistance, Product Consistency, insolation of electric and thermal conductivity. Now XMAX are trying to be an open company to communicate with more and more  new energy vehicle manufacturer, and to provide better advise and less expensive cooling tubes for customer to evaluate.

    1,Characteristic of cooling tube product.

    1.1, XMAX can provide professional advices for cooling tube section design, which could help client to raise the energy density by reducing the weight of cooling tubes but guarantee cooling effect and section flux.

    1.2, Special pre-work before bending, prevent cooling tubes from pits on bending location. Make sure all cooling tubes with low back pressure and high product consistency.

    1.3, Scallop tolerance control in ±0.1mm, guarantee all batteries in same cooling condition. Position tolerance and cumulative tolerance are less than ±0.05mm, ensure all cooling tubes can be perfect suit the automatic production line for battery pack.

    1.4, PTFE and TIM film can provide 1.6KV electric resistance and higher than 1.0W/(M²*K)thermal conductivity, make the battery pack safer and higher performance.


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