Toyota Tsusho Huanxin Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

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Toyota Tsusho Huanxin Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd was founded on November,25th, 2015, which was a joint venture founded by Chinese Anhui Ring New Investment Co.,Ltd (50%) and Toyota Tsusho (China) Co.,Ltd (50%). The company is mainly responsible for CWORKS Fengtong partssales in domestic market.

CWORKS Fengtong parts origin from Toyota Tsusho's automotive fast-repair brand, which is the world leader in professional maintenance of automotive parts. For a long time, it has been focusing on the details, making progress continuously and committed to provide the most secure and assured automotive parts to each driver from the world as well as guarding every consumer's life and property safety carefully.

Currently, CWORKS Fengtong parts cover four series: chemical series (engine lubricants, antifreeze, brake fluid, refrigerant, etc.), filter series (oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, air conditioning filter, etc.), brake series (brake pads, brake discs, brake system maintenance suit, etc.), general series (wiper blades, belts, spark plugs, etc.), which can fully meet maintenance needs from Japan, South Korea, Europe, the United States and domestic mainstream models. 

The company's core competitiveness:

  1. CWORKS Fengtong parts origin from Toyota Tsusho. The company takes advantages of Toyota's business group in the field of automotive and parts as well as domestic automotive parts market channels and network from Chinese ARN Group to explore domestic wearing parts  market .

  2. CWORKS Fengtong parts meet the requirements of domestic and foreign standards. The affiliated companies share stocks directly with key parts manufacturers. The CWORKS Fengtong treats each part flowing into the market with rigorous management.

  3. CWORKS Fengtong parts --- Fengtong fast maintenance center fully integrates status information of repair shops and provides customized design and decoration services for supporting  plant repair and image promotion. At the same time, for the repair factory system, it also provides personalized solutions to improving personal qualities.

  4. Perfect quality assurance system, efficient response speed and flexible mode of operation make CWORKS Fengtong parts better adapt to the Chinese market development and meet the needs from different automotive clients.

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