ARN group held 2020 collective wage consultation meeting

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On the afternoon of July 30th, ARN Group held the 2020 collective wage consultation meeting. Cao Lixin, general manager and party secretary of the group, Zhu Huashan, executive general manager of ATG, Jin Ming, senior director of the group's new energy development department, Zhang Hao, deputy general manager of ATGL, and Xu Jun, deputy general manager of ASP, and other group executives and the Chinese management of each company , Trade Union Chairman Cai Xiangdong, Vice Chairman Wu Zhenhai, members of the trade union, representatives of women's work committees and representatives of employees of various companies attended the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Wu Zhenhai, the vice chairman of the trade union, gave a detailed report on the specific wage increase plan for 2020, and the chairman of the trade union Cai Xiangdong gave a supplementary explanation on the overall proportion of the wage increase plan and project. At the meeting, General Manager Cao Lixin emphasized that although this year is a special year (epidemic and flood), the economic situation at home and abroad is not very good. At the special stage of the outbreak, the development of our group is still unexpected. Although the overall environment is not good, it can still use money to increase the wage of employees by 2.8% to improve their sense of gain and superiority. Regarding the specific wage increase, Mr. Cao also emphasized that there are not many front-line employees who are willing to work in mid-night shifts, so the group prefers to adjust the standard of mid-night shifts so that more front-line employees are willing to work in mid-night shifts.  The development of the group is inseparable from the employees' overtime work and efforts. In order to better improve employee satisfaction, the group leaders approved the grant of extended overtime subsidies.

Finally, in the absence of objections from the representatives of all parties in the negotiation, they unanimously passed the 2020 wage increase plan and jointly signed the "Special Collective Wage Contract." (He Qilong)


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