The sound of the waves is tight, the battle is still on the way, and the responsibility is on the road --- The report of the flood prevention and rescue work from ARN Group

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Since the beginning of July, the Yangtze River has been raining for days and the water level of the Yangtze River remains high. The lives and property safety of the people around Anqing have been greatly threatened. The emergency headquarters of the Municipal Economic Development Zone urgently deployed flood prevention and drainage work. ARN Group actively responded to the government’s call and quickly organize a flood-fighting and flood-prevention commando team to rush to the front line of flood prevention in Anguang County, carry the people's safety on their shoulders, and integrate their loyalty to the party into the battle against floods.


    On July 13th, the first group of 30 team members selected by the subsidiary companies rushed to the Yangtze River embankment to participate in the flood prevention and flood relief work in the Municipal Economic Development Zone. According to the unified deployment of the flood control headquarters of the Economic Development Zone, the team members implemented "three shifts" and patrolled the river embankment 24 hours a day. Regardless of violent storms or scorching sunshine, the team members are not afraid of hardships and hard work, clean up the weeds and branches of the dam, check the piping, block the leaks, and tolerate mosquito bites at night and insist on inspecting the dam. The CCP has discovered more than 30 potential dangers, all of which have been reported to the district flood control headquarters and properly handled.

    On July 21st, Party Secretary Cao Lixin, members Liu Tongqing, Kai Bolin, Cai Xiangdong, Zhu Huashan, and Party Secretary Wu Zhenhai visited the rescue team and sent their condolences and care. Secretary Cao and his entourage inspected the ARN flood control area, inspected the flood control situation, inspected the commando camps, communicated with the team members, learned about work and life, fully affirmed the commando team’s implementation of the 24-hour shift inspection system, and thanked the team members for their support. He said that the environment at the flood control site was harsh and he urged everyone to protect their own safety and complete the task safely.


    The waves are tight, the battle is still vigorous, and the responsibility is obvious. Upon learning that the second flood peak of the Yangtze River was approaching and the flood prevention work was about to face new challenges, the team members solemnly swore: The river does not recede, and the responsibility is always on their shoulders. The team members demonstrated the  responsibility of ARN Group with practical actions. (Zhang Weixia)

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