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       Anqing Faraday Emperor Peter Piston Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AAT) was established on June 6, 2002, Anqing new Central Group, Japan ART Japanese the TPR company tripartite joint venture. The registered capital of $ 16,000,000, a total investment of $ 48 million. Mainly engaged in the production of high-end automobile engine piston, piston pin business.
AAT in Anqing City Development Zone No. 317 Yingbin Road, covers an area of ​​55860m2, factory building area of ​​22 000 m2, was officially put into operation in April 2003. The company AAT package of the introduction of the world's advanced level of piston production line 17, piston pin, an automatic production line from Japan, Germany, the introduction of high-precision, automatic piston-specific testing and analytical instruments, process technology and equipment to the world-class level.
      AAT Since its inception, each year selected a group of outstanding employees abroad for training, learning Japan's advanced technology and management experience, and employ Japanese experts permanent AAT company, to provide technical guidance, production in strict accordance with the production process of the ART company, at the same time, the ISO / TS16949 quality management system and implementing the whole process of production in the enterprise line. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, and vigorously promote the localization of part of the tool, mold, machinery and equipment to achieve localization, reduce costs, improve market competitiveness. Focus on the technical staff training, and the digestion and absorption of the investment of all parties advanced technology and management methods to achieve self-innovation.
Excellent quality, perfect service, clients spoke highly of. The company has successfully obtained the Guangzhou Toyota, Tianjin Toyota, FAW Toyota, Changan Suzuki, Changhe Suzuki, Chery, JAC, Anhui, Shenyang Mitsubishi, FAW, Guangzhou Automobile passenger cars, the United States Mercury and other orders of the number of mainframe manufacturers .
      At present, the AAT is the company employees 285 people. After years of efforts of all staff, the total assets of AAT has now reached 319 million yuan, nearly 7 million in annual output of piston, piston pin, 3 million. 2011 sales revenue of 240 million yuan, profits and taxes 090 million yuan; 2012 expected sales revenue reached 280 million yuan, profits and taxes of 110 million yuan, and achieved good economic and social benefits, the AAT is the company has grown into an important economy in Anqing City force.
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